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Reducing Food Waste

We recognise that by helping each other to find ways to reduce our own food waste we are saving ourselves money and at the same time reducing our carbon footprints.

Why it is important...

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Were you aware that globally food waste has a massive carbon footprint?

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According to Greenpeace, Even if we stopped using fossil fuels tomorrow, without the Government significantly reducing meat and dairy, we would still be heading towards catastrophic levels of warming well beyond 1.5 degrees. 


What we eat is an emotive topic. It’s part of who we are, it’s woven into our memories and our cultures. That’s partly why meat and dairy is one of the big threats to our planet that isn’t getting the action it needs. Even when the Government’s own advisors called for a reduction in meat and dairy, the Government ignored them and left it out of their new Food Strategy.


But the science is clear, our food system is broken. Meat and dairy production is the biggest driver of global deforestation and contributes 19% of climate emissions. It’s wasteful too, 83% of global farmland is used for livestock and their feed crops, but the meat and dairy produced accounts for only 18% of the calories consumed by humans.


But by legislating to reduce meat and dairy, and using better land management we can feed more people, provide healthier diets, tackle the climate crisis, and free up vast amounts of land to restore nature. 


Greenpeace is calling on the UK government to reduce meat and dairy 70% by 2030 and ban imports of animal feed that are fueling deforestation in places like Brazil right now.

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The 'Faith, Justice, Action' group from St Benedict's Parish are supporting CAFOD's Fix the Food System campaign:

"Our new food campaign is urging the UK government to keep the promises it made at the COP26 climate talks last year and support agricultural systems that tackle the climate crisis as well as putting local communities first."

8 things you didn't know about the food system

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